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The Townhouse "Casa El Oasis"


Bedroom 3

Twin Beds


Lounge With

Big Screen TV / Premuim Soundbar

5 Min Drive To Beach & Village


Bedroom 1

1 Super King Bed


Fully Equipped Kitchen

Terrace Sea View


Bedroom 2

1 King Bed


Bar Counter Lounge

25 Min From Malaga Airport

Bathroom 1

Shower / Toilet


Large Dining Area

Free & Strong WiFi

Bathroom 3



Roof Terrace With Sea Views


Close To # Food Shopping



Airco On All Levels


Dining Terrace

Bathroom 2

Bath / Shower / Toilet

3 Toilets


Baby Cot


Baby Chair


3 Pools with Protected Kids Pool 


Private & Community Gardens


Private & Community Parking


Close To Bars & Restaurants

Sunny Hills Grounds

"Escape to paradise at Signature Townhouse "El Oasis" in Riviera Del Sol - Mijas Costa. Immerse yourself in luxury and tranquillity with this stunning holiday rental. Enjoy spacious and beautifully designed interiors, private terrace with breathtaking views, and access sparkling pools. Indulge in the nearby golden beaches, golf courses, and vibrant local culture. 

Sunny Hills
Sunny Hills Garden
Sunny Hills Airshot
Sunny Hills Garden
Sunny Hills Swimming Pools
Sunny Hills Gardens
Sunny Hills Swimming
Swimming Pool Air Shot.jpg
Front House 1.jpg
Townhouse Front

Discover Andalusian elegance in this captivating townhouse within the Sunny Hills Community. With a serene courtyard, cozy living spaces, and panoramic rooftop views, it offers a glimpse into the region's rich heritage and beauty. Embrace the allure of Andalusia in this enchanting retreat.

Casa El Oasis Entrance
Casa El Oasis Entrance
Casa El Oasis Front
Casa El Oasis Front
Entrance Hall

Step into Casa El Oasis's entrance hall, where artful wallpaper and exotic ambiance enchant. The walls tell stories of distant lands, igniting curiosity with every glance. This space is a sanctuary of style and adventure, where beauty meets boundless inspiration. Welcome to a world of wonder at Casa El Oasis.

Entrance 3
Entrance 2
Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall.jpg
Lounge 3.jpg
Lounge Area

Welcome to the grand lounge  where luxury and comfort intertwine. With high ceilings and an inviting open fireplace, the space exudes warmth and elegance. Adorned with captivating artwork, it's a gallery of beauty and inspiration. A big-screen TV and premium soundbar promise cinematic experiences and immersive audio. 

Lounge 1
Lounge 2
Lounge 3
Lounge 5
Lounge 4
Lounge 6
Kitchen, Bar & Dining

Welcome to Casa El Oasiss top kitchen, a haven for culinary enthusiasts. With an induction cooker, espresso machine, toaster, and every conceivable tableware, your gourmet dreams come alive. Adjacent, our open bar space offers delightful drinks for mingling. Gather in the dining area for tasteful dinners with loved ones. At Casa El Oasis, every moment is a recipe for happiness.

Bar Kitchen
Dining Area 1
Kitchen 1
Bar Kitchen.jpg
Guest Bedroom 1:
"The Flamingo Dance"

Enter the "The Dance Of The Flamingo Room" of Casa El Oasis, where soft pink hues and green palm leaves create a serene retreat. Adorning the walls is "The Flamingo Dance," an artwork that adds whimsy to the tranquil ambiance. Here, amidst gentle colors and vibrant artwork, every moment feels like a dance of elegance and charm. 

The Flamingo Dance Night
The Flamingo Dance 2
The Flamingo Dance 1
The Flamingo Dance 3
The Flamingo Dance 4
Guest Bedroom 2
"The Bird Song"

Step into the room "The Bird Song", where soft green and golden palm leaves create an ambiance of tropical tranquility. Adorning the walls is an artwork featuring a vibrant lady accompanied by a playful parrot, infusing the space with exotic allure. Here, amidst the lush foliage and colorful motifs, every moment feels like an escape to paradise. 

The Bird Song 4
The Bird Song 2
The Bird Song 3
The Bird Song Night 1
The Bird Song 1
Bathroom Upstairs.jpg
Guest Bathroom

Spacious bathroom with bath/ shower and toilet.

Master Bedroom
"Golden Dreams"

Welcome to the master bedroom named "Golden Room". Adorned with designer wallpaper featuring elegant golden palm leaves, the room exudes tropical opulence. At its center lies a super king bed, inviting you to sink into plush comfort and indulge in restorative sleep.

Master Bedroom 1 (1)
Master Bedroom 1
Master Bedroom Night
Master Hallway 1
Master Bedroom 1.jpg
The Master Bathroom 2.jpg
Master Bathroom

Spacious bathroom with shower, 2 sinks and toilet and underfloor heating.

Master Bathroom 1
The Master Bathroom 2
Dining Terrace

Welcome to our cozy outside dining area, where a small fountain adds charm to our exotic garden. Amidst lush foliage and vibrant blooms, every meal is a magical experience under the open sky. Join us in this serene oasis, where the gentle trickle of the fountain sets the scene for cherished moments with loved ones. On this terrace where dining al fresco is a celebration of nature's beauty and the joy of shared experiences.

Garden down air
House back air
Terrace Down 3
Terrace Down 2
Terrace Down 1
Terrace Down 4
Terrace Down Night 1
Terrace Down Night 2
Terrace down night
Terrace Down Night 3
Roof Terrace Sun down.jpg
Sea View Roof Terrace

Welcome to the master bedroom named "Golden Room"s. Adorned with designer wallpaper featuring elegant golden palm leaves, the room exudes tropical opulence. At its center lies a super king bed, inviting you to sink into plush comfort and indulge in restorative sleep.

Welcome to our rooftop terrace, offering sea, garden and mountain views. With cozy seating, sunbeds, and lighted in the evening with LED lights to create the perfect spot for sundowner drinks and morning coffee. As you relax under the open sky, enjoy the tranquility of nature's beauty illuminated by vibrant colors. Join us at Casa El Oasis, where every moment is a chance to savor the simple pleasures of life in style.

Roof Terrace Day Shot
Roof Terrace 3
Roof Terrace Mountain View 2
Roof Terrace Mountain view 1
Roof Terrace Night 2
Roof Terrace Night
Roof Terrace Seating
Roof Terrace Sun down

Casa El Oasis has 1 private inside parking. Just ouside the community and close to the house, many other parking is available.

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